Debonair - Signature Scent - Eau De Parfum

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BIG 100ML 
Equivalent to 1400 sprays

This barbershop-esque Fougère accord works in harmony, making Debonair so complex and versatile.

Suitable for day or night, pleasant in any season.

A very attractive initial aroma, masculine and alluring dry-down most suitable for YOU the dapper gentleman!

With a Sillage trail that will entice the bobby soxers but remain non offensive & courteous.

This classically structured composition will ensure high performance/aromatic projection.

Beware of compliments!



Top Notes:

Citrus, Fruity, a sharp explosion of freshness 

Heart Notes:

Birch, Patchouli, Rose at the Heart for warm and calming

Base Notes:

Bold & robust with notes of Cedar, musk, oak moss

and a touch of vanilla leaving you wanted more