Our Story



There was a time when being well groomed was a prerequisite to being a dapper successful gentleman, when men emphasized the sensibility of grooming as a sort of ritual, as it once was. No other era portrayed this vision like the 1950s – hence the name 19|FIFTIES Classic Men’s Grooming. Our vision is to turn the clock back to the 50s and bring back the history of men’s grooming and barbering. Being a company proudly based in Toronto, Canada, what better way is there than to represent where we’re from by pushing the 50s theme and having each and every one of our products based on and named after notable events/landmarks that originated or took place in 1950s Toronto. Our products will essentially pay tribute to Toronto and its history. They will correlate with each other and all come full circle to tell a unique Canadian story.

All products are barber formulated, with a particular history behind every ingredient. Our minds are set on creating high quality, long lasting, great smelling, top performing, badass products! All while paying homage to the history that brings us here today.